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Honkai: Star Rail gets new “Witness” trailer revealing more story bits – Effinate Games

miHoYo shared a new trailer for Honkai: Star Railand shows more story pieces in the upcoming RPG.

English version

Japanese version

If you missed it, you can find the Gamescom 2022 trailer here, the Game Fest 2022 trailer here, the Serval character trailer here, and the opening scene here.

Here is an overview of the game:

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail offers a game world waiting to be discovered with elements of myth and legend mixed into the space sci-fi story. In this universe there is [Aeons], incarnations of universal principles capable of freely traveling between infinite worlds using some form of primitive force. The galaxy is dotted with worlds that have unique landscapes and histories; that [Aeons]roaming the universe maintain their own beliefs, among whom there is [Destruction]who regard the universe as a fallacy and civilization as a cancer that casts seeds of ruin called [Stellarons]across the galaxy.

The main character who was implanted with a [Stellaron]embarks on a journey aboard the Astral Express with a group of passengers who claim to have inherited the spirit from [the Trailblaze]chasing the tracks off [Aeons] to explore the realms of the universe. The expedition progresses as the protagonist and crew seek the ultimate answers to the journey’s purpose and uncover secrets buried in legend.

Honkai: Star Rail invites players to board the Astral Express and travel across unique worlds, each filled with different adventures and surprises. During the whirlwind journey on a star-hunting journey, players will meet new companions as well as faces familiar to series fans and solve [Stellaron]-related conflicts, and ultimately unravel the mysteries hidden within. This RPG features a newcomer-friendly strategic turn-based combat system and large maps and mazes that involve puzzle solving and exploration, giving players epic battles and a journey of discovery full of surprises and rewards

Honkai: Star Rail is in development for PC, iOS and Android – a release date is currently unconfirmed.

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