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Honey, I Joined a Cult leaves early access, shares in-game – Effinate Games

Team17-published cult management sim Honey, I joined a cult has finally left early access, and to celebrate the game shared an in-universe animation of the titular cult leader, Burt Biscuit.

Two news reporters try to understand Burt’s backstory through various photographs, but it seems our beloved cult leader won’t allow his past to be revealed so easily.

Honey, I joined a cult has been available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). You can watch the video below:

If you want to know more about the game:

Honey, I joined a cult

Honey, I Joined a Cult is a tycoon/management game where you build and expand your base, monitor your cults and resources, and increase your faith, funds and following!


Effective management is at the heart of any money-making business, and your organization is no exception! It’s not enough to be smart dressers, your cult must run like a well-oiled hypno wheel. Set schedules for your cultists, develop their skills, level them up, and manage food and maintenance systems. Assign tasks to your sects based on a priority system. So who said micromanaging doesn’t work?!


Every great cult needs great decor. Place, design and decorate rooms to keep your cultists happy. There are a wide variety of weird and wonderful room options and items, each with a crucial role to play in your cult. From polygraph rooms, discombobulators and spirit chambers to energy spas and the dreaded Ministry of Change.


A cult is only as good as its name (and its followers!). Choose yours carefully when choosing your cult, cult leader, the divine being they worship, the sacred space where they prove their dedication, and the followers who will become the cultists of tomorrow! Make your cult your own by deciding to:

* A funky symbol
*An epic uniform to impress would-be supporters
*An impressive hat to make other cults jealous
*A strange relic to worship and adore


Cultists have needs too and you need to make sure all yours are fed, watered and having fun! You must take care of your cult’s physical and mental well-being to allow them to be the best cult members they can possibly be! It’s like they say, the cult is only as strong as the sects!


Your cult leader can be very demanding. Whether it’s recruiting specific followers or building certain rooms, be sure to bend to their whims. If they do not meet the requirements, their spirits will be lowered and a disgruntled leader will not be able to deliver effective sermons. Cultists can be sent on missions in the local town. Whether it’s gathering resources, unlocking new technology, or just a request from your manager, the Covert Ops room is the perfect place to plan!


Use all your charm to recruit new followers who will bring in resources and eventually climb through the ranks to become full cultists. Disgruntled followers will simply leave, so be sure to turn heads!

Looks like Burt will remain shrouded in mystery for now, personally I wouldn’t want to get on his or his followers bad side.

And if you’re interested in other fictional cults, you might also want to read our Cult of the Lamb review!

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