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Hollow Knight: Silksong is Coming for the PlayStation 4 and 5 – Effinate Games

Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally announced in February 2019. Team Cherry stated that the game was originally a DLC for Hollow Knight. However, due to it being too large and unique, it was kept as an independent title.

It was announced that Hollow Knight: Silksong would be a day one title for Xbox Game Pass. It was also announced for Nintendo Switch and PC. Smaller indie games are usually reserved for smaller announcements, so being present at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase was quite an achievement in itself.

Hollow Knight: Silksong on PlayStation

There were reports that the game would be announced for PlayStation soon, but there was no solid news. However, today Sony officially announced through a Twitter post that it is coming to both PlayStation 4 and 5.

When will it be released?

We don’t have a release date yet, but we can make an educated guess. The game was shown at the Xbox and Bethesda event, and all of the announced games were due out within the next 12 months. Xbox also confirmed that the game would be out by June 2023.

So we can possibly guess that the release frame will be somewhere in Q2 of 2023. It is not clear right now if the release for all platforms will be at the same time as there has not been a solid release date.

About the game

Hollow Knight: Silksong will act as a sequel to 2017’s much-loved Hollow Knight, which was developed through Kickstarter. We got our first trailer back in 2019, which showed Hornet, the main character, being kidnapped and breaking free. The Hornet was mainly a villain who becomes our ally during the game. She explores lush meadows and dank underground passages along the way. The trailer primarily served as an announcement for the sequel.

This year we got our first gameplay trailer for the sequel. We got more sneak peeks of gameplay, more bosses and villains, and more from our old pal the Hornet. The platforming and 2D combat formula from Hollow Knight has of course carried over to Silksong. In fact, Team Cherry seems to have made Hornet’s platforming noticeably more acrobatic than the game’s original protagonist, the Knight.

The game will feature 150 new enemy times along with new bosses. It also shows new healing methods. You will even be able to craft items from the defeated enemies. Also, original Hollow Knight music was much loved by all. Fortunately, the original composer is back and will be making music for the sequel as well.

Hollow Knight truly became an epitome of Indie Metroidvania games, and we really hope that Silksong can deliver more of the same. The game starts now Nintendo SwitchXbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4 and 5.

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