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Hitman 3 September roadmap adds Neon Ninja Suit, takes 47 back to Ambrose Island and Hokkaido – Effinate Games

After teasing a glow-in-the-dark suit for Agent 47, developer IO Interactive has revealed the full September 2022 roadmap for Hitman 3. There’s an extra suit, plus plenty of Elusive Targets to track down.

Image via IO Interactive

IOI released the image you see above and broke down each of the promo images on its website. Let’s start with the suits. The one we saw teased earlier is the Neon Ninja Suit; the other is a yellow hoodie called the Lucky Ducky Suit. Both can be unlocked through the Elusive Target Arcade, which pits 47 against a trio of targets with certain restrictions. From September 1, you can go after The Paparazzo, The Stowaway, and The Collector, with the caveat that you can only change disguises once; alternatively, you can take out the Twin, the Politician and the Black Hat with a limited number of pacifications. Clearing one of them will give you the Neon Ninja Suit. On September 15th, you can go for another set of objectives and earn the Lucky Ducky Suit upon completion.

Speaking of Elusive Targets, there are a lot of them to chase this month. From September 16 to September 26, The Rage returns to Chongqing. From September 30 to October 10, The Surgeons can be found in Hokkaido. Finally, head back to the Isle of Sgàil for The Stowaway from September 23rd to October 3rd. Note that you will need the Hitman and Hitman 2 access passes to hunt down the last two respective targets.

In terms of returning locations, the aforementioned Hokkaido will be in the free map rotation from September 22nd to October 3rd, largely overlapping with The Stowaway. Additionally, featured Ambrose Island contracts from the Hitman 3 community will be in rotation starting September 8th. You can visit the Hitman forum to submit your own contracts for a chance to be featured.

September’s roadmap continues the pattern of monthly content drops for Hitman 3. August added the Floral Baller gun and other challenges, and in July before that we got a brand new map featuring Ambrose Island. It’s nice that IOI has been on top of new Hitman 3 content, considering we’ve been waiting a while for the studio’s James Bond 007 game.

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