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Heck Deck’s upcoming Spells & Specters update will introduce four new characters and nine cards – Effinate Games

Following its release earlier this year, Plug In Digital has announced that a major update is coming to their bullet hell card game on October 4th. Called Spells & Specters, it will introduce four new characters and nine cards, while bringing changes to several existing spells.h

Let’s start with the new characters. The first is Deckard, who has a reduced hand limit and can stack cards of the same type infinitely. Meanwhile, Tau & Phi are twins who mirror each other’s attitudes and actions. However, to trigger physical effects, both characters must be affected by them. Finally, Randal will shuffle each card to activate the effect of another.

As mentioned, the game will also receive nine new maps. You can see the cards and their effects below:

  • Foiler – Causes a card to become its foil variant
  • Warp Ring – Adds a protective ring to the ground
  • Bag of Holding – This allows you to save a card from your hand and return it later
  • Wisp – Grants a familiar capable of destroying cards
  • Portable Fountain – Lets you place and get cards by opening a portal to the fountain
  • Sell ​​Hand – Sees you sell all the cards currently in your hand. You will then earn hearts and cores depending on the price they get
  • Mirror – Creates a ghost that mimics your movements and attacks
  • Pop – All cards in an area on the board will be triggered
  • Chaos – Three random card effects are played

In addition to that, the free update also introduces several changes to the Heck Deck to improve the gaming experience. For example, a full speed mode is added. In this game variant, everything moves at full speed regardless of your actions. The developers will also introduce a Redo option and Restock button in the store.

Heck Deck is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is a premium game that costs $2.99. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can download it using the store buttons below.

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