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Harmony’s Odyssey indie puzzler announced for October 2022 – Effinate Games

Harmony’s Odyssey, an upcoming diorama puzzle game from MythicOwl, has just released a new trailer and launch date. The game is scheduled for October 19, 2022 and will be available on Steam or Nintendo Switch. You can watch the full trailer on YouTube here:

MythicOwl, a small developer and publisher team from Poland, continues to strengthen their passion for education and puzzles with this one. They have primarily focused on indie puzzle games before, with previous titles such as Hexalogical and One Line Coloring.

These have the same tone, but Harmony’s Odyssey really feels like a solid culmination of all their ideas. The diorama premise is actually a fun little hook that almost draws a line for tile placement board games. The 3D graphics are decent and help with differentiation Harmony’s Odyssey from countless puzzles in the mobile field.

The trailer also shows some supernatural elements tied to fall and Halloween, letting it capitalize on the season. The art design is very cute, almost relatable Crossing animals, offering a good variety of enemies and worlds. And since MythicOwl clearly leans towards education, Harmony’s Odyssey promises to be a perfectly fine children’s game.

The colorful frames are vibrant and creative, and the puzzles themselves seem quite relaxing. There is also a happy sense of humor in this one. Anyone with a cat in the family will laugh when they hear that the fantasy worlds have been entangled by a rowdy cat like Steam product page explains.

Surprisingly, the game will also support cooperative gameplay. In case you missed it, here’s a co-op mode trailer from a few months ago:

Harmony’s Odyssey was announced a full year ago, with few updates since. The new release date is a perfect slot, and surely a big relief for the thousands of curious fans who watched the announcement trailer.

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