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Halo Infinite releases official Roadmap for Season 3, Forge and More – Effinate Games

Halo infinite continues uphill with fans by releasing an official roadmap that finally gives concrete dates for key mechanics like Forge, Network Co-Op, Mission Replay and new Battle Passes. Here is the full statement from Halo’s official Twitter feed, which includes a link to hear the controversial 343 Industries team:

Halo infinite was widely praised at launch for its gameplay, but things quickly took a turn for the worse when it became clear that the game would not include many of the most crucial systems that made glory such a beloved franchise.

Although 343 has always been a point of contention for the direction they took the story, the removal of Master Chief and couch co-op in Halo 5 and more, they were creative decisions and therefore subjective. Unfortunately, Halo infinite has lacked content outright, and raced to catch up to the standards of previous installments.

As a result, fans today are not at all happy with the updated schedule. The dates are very clear, but they also mean that Forge should be expected in November instead of September. All of the announcements in this roadmap refer to modes and mechanics that fans expected the title to offer from the beginning.

Overwhelming responses view the upcoming content as late rather than exciting, and consequently the entire game may end up relying on community engagement with Forge mode.

Halo infinite shouldn’t work backwards and it clearly needed more time to develop the fundamentals that its competitors will use to suffocate Halo’s future. It’s heartbreaking for other lifelong fans. The original glory games were innovative, exciting and expansive enough to serve these fans.

Hopefully patient fans will eventually see a return to form. Halo Infinite’s the campaign was solid and some of the existing content is entertaining because the basis for glory are strong. So there will always be room for optimism glory universe.

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