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Guns of Glory introduces new DLC titled Tale of Twin Kings that features King Louis XIII – Effinate Games

FunPlus and its KingsGroup Studio have just announced an exciting new DLC expansion for their mobile strategy game Guns of Glory. Called Tale of Twin Kings, this update brings a brand new story with Louis XIII, which brings new troops that will train in themed buildings – Merc Dock and Merc Arena.

The Tale of Twin Kings expansion is available to players who are at least level 30. In the DLC, the Kingdom is in turmoil due to the new challenger to the throne, Louis XIII. The public is confused and unsure of who to pledge their allegiance to. Which king should they choose? There is complete chaos as people’s loyalties are questioned.

This narrative will unravel slowly as players progress through the DLC. This fascinating story will be available via a new main story quest. Rewards for completion include blue gems, which are new items that will be needed to unlock and upgrade troops introduced in the expansion.

This update also adds two new major buildings. The first is called the Merc Dock, which is crucial to unlocking the DLC’s new troops. Through this build, players will be able to recruit powerful mercenaries such as Steam Hoplite, Mahout Lancer and Aerogunner to their team. Each of them have different levels to upgrade their levels to make them even stronger.

The other building is called the Merc Arena, where all the research takes place. Here, players can upgrade their troops to transform them into tier-one elite mercenaries. Plus, they will also be able to raise attributes like attack, defense and health by using blue gems.

Speaking of blue gems, they can be obtained by completing the DLC’s quests and from areas like the blue gem mines near the Player’s Sanctuary or the Rally Red Guard Camps. Additional red gems will also be needed to recruit troops and increase their skills.

Download Guns of Glory for free now and start playing the Tale of Twin Kings expansion.

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