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Guns of Glory celebrates fifth anniversary with in-game giveaways and new Twilight League event – Effinate Games

FunPlus has announced the epic celebrations in store for fans of Guns of Glory as the free to play strategy game on mobile celebrates five years of service. Players can expect plenty of exciting in-game campaigns along with abundant rewards, the new Twilight League and an epic treasure island adventure. During the fifth anniversary celebrations of Guns of Glory, players can look forward to Treasure Island Adventure from September 19th to October 16th. Lucky Orbs are up for grabs in the Pirate Super Lotto that will be giving away goodies during the Lucky Draw. The treasure hunt competition, on the other hand, lets players earn Lost Treasures which they can submit to the event page to score points and stage rewards. Finally, the Surprise Crab Chest will reward players who find treasure chest-shaped crabs with special prizes as well. … [MORE]

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