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Gubbins is a quirky word game that’s “Solitaire meets Scrabble”, coming to iOS in 2023 – Effinate Games

Studio Folly has announced the upcoming launch of Gubbins, a mobile puzzle game that is “Solitaire meets Scrabble”. The game features charming visuals and quirky characters that players can collect while forming words and aiming for the high score.

In Gubbins, players can look forward to finding and mastering 25 titular creatures with special abilities as they grab letters from a draw pile, place those pieces on the board and swipe to construct words. The rogue-like word game features a quirky tile system where letters can connect together to add another level of gameplay to the title.

The game also boasts cute custom-built postcards that players can use to share their best words and wear their silliness with pride. You can compete with friends or have them take on a challenge to see who can create the most amazing or even the craziest words. It’s the ideal game to “play on a tram, with a baby in your arms or with a cup of tea on a sleepy Sunday morning (one-handed use encouraged).”

From the online screenshots and trailer, it looks like the art style and visuals alone should be enough to encourage players to try it out.

There’s no official word yet on the official release date, but if you’re keen to join in on all the fun, you can visit the official website for more info, join the community of followers on the official Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments, or check out the embedded clip above to get a feel for the vibes, visuals, and mechanics that await. Gubbins will be released on iOS in 2023.

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