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GTA Online source code allegedly stolen, offered for private sale – Effinate Games

Significant content from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI was recently leaked online, against the wishes of its developer, Rockstar Games. In the wake of this development, the leaker also announced that they are in possession of the source code for its prequel, Grand Theft Auto V.

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While a total of 90 gameplay clips of Grand Theft Auto VI have been revealed to the public at this point, the hacker in question has reportedly acquired more significant and potentially damaging trade secrets. When they gained access to Rockstar’s Slack servers through a phishing link, they allegedly stole “GTA 5 and 6 Source Code and Assets” from the development team.

The hacker, who goes by the alias “Tea Pot”, also stated that they were willing to make a deal – with Rockstar or otherwise – in exchange for the code they have obtained. Regarding the illegal sale of Grand Theft Auto V’s source code, Tea Pot shared in a private message that they would not accept “offers under 5 [figures]” for the code.

To some, $100,000 may seem like too high a price to pay for poorly acquired property. One such buyer was, however cheated out of that amount in a bitcoin deal by an unrelated third party claiming to be Teapot. If this scam deal is to be believed, it means that there definitely exists a market for people who want to develop the backdoor for Grand Theft Auto V.

This type of code could potentially leave the last-gen title susceptible to remote code execution, or RCE. In an online gaming environment, RCE can allow malicious actors to run equally malicious code on another player’s machine. For players of GTA Online, this can leave your computer and personal data exposed to these malicious actors when playing in a public lobby.

Until this issue is resolved by Rockstar, we do not recommend logging into GTA Online for your safety.

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