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GTA 6 fans have made a map based on the leaked gameplay – Effinate Games

If you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan, then you’ve almost certainly seen the massive GTA 6 gameplay leak that happened recently. More than 90 video clips confirmed the game’s dual protagonists, one of whom is the series’ first female lead. Some fans have also taken it upon themselves to comb each and every video and try to piece together what the in-game map could potentially look like.

Grand Theft Auto fan account @ChurchofGta put the pieces together and shared the creation on Twitter. If you click through to get a better overview, you will see the country drawn with green lines and major roads in black. Landmarks seen in the gameplay clips, such as the airport, race track and sports stadium, have been placed in their approximate locations. You may also notice the phallic island at the southern border of the map – it’s a very Rockstar feature. The additional cluster of islands in the southeast corner is also quite intriguing.

Please note that this map is completely fan-made. The final result will certainly deviate from this to a great extent, but it’s still nice to get an idea of ​​what the final game could present and imagine the antics players will get up to there. Rockstar hasn’t even confirmed the setting yet, although the leak seems to confirm Vice City.

This information (and resulting speculation) is all due to the aforementioned leak, but Rockstar has already issued a statement saying that it is still on the same development schedule for the game. We have no idea when it will be released, but it’s good to know that the hack that gave us this leaked gameplay wasn’t going to hold things up. Since the leak emerged, other game developers have shown support for Rockstar, while its parent company Take-Two lost some share value over the incident.

However, there may be justice in the near future for Rockstar. The alleged hacker has been arrested and the suspect is a 17-year-old London resident.

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