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Gremlins’ Gizmo is headed to MultiVersus, new teaser released – Effinate Games

The MultiVersus list is getting ready to grow again. However, the next grade comes with a few caveats: don’t expose it to light, keep it wet, and don’t feed it after midnight. That’s right, Gizmo the Mogwai from Gremlins is about to enter the fray.

The MultiVersus Twitter account teased the new addition. “We’ve got a little fluffy surprise headed your way on Tuesday,” it reads, promising the new character’s arrival on September 6. The attached video shows the box that Gizmo was wrapped in in the movie, and the little guy’s paws can be seen popping out for a brief moment before the screen cuts to black. He’s going to be one of the cutest additions to the roster yet.

Gizmo’s inclusion in MultiVersus may indeed raise some questions. Another Gremlins character, the villainous Spike, was already revealed as a future character. The question is whether Gizmo and Spike will be two separate characters or a kind of two-in-one, in the style of Tom and Jerry. Responses to the teaser tweet seem largely to believe the latter. Thematically, it would make sense for the two to be a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” kind of thing where players can switch between them. Luckily, we only have a few days left before we find out.

Other responses to the tweet passive-aggressively bring up Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty, another announced character. You can play as Morty in MultiVersus right now, but his grandfather Rick still doesn’t have a release date. Fans have been eagerly awaiting one since Rick leaked back in July.

In fact, the list of all leaked and datamined characters coming to MultiVersus is quite long at this point. The titular Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch of The Wizard of Oz fame is the latest couple to be discovered. A new Warner Bros. trademark suggests that Bugs Bunny’s Big Chungus meme will also be coming to the game at some point.

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