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Grand Theft Auto VI leaker reportedly arrested by London police – Effinate Games

Latest news on leaks for Grand Theft Auto VI took the world by storm last week. Over 90+ video clips were shared along with over 3GB of source code for the game, which Rockstar officially confirmed existed earlier this year.

Now reports have emerged that London police have arrested a 17-year-old hacker as part of an investigation by the country’s national cybercrime unit. The police said that person remained in custody as of September 23 but has not released their identity as they are minors.

At this time, they have not yet identified this hacker as the same one who leaked the data Grand Theft Auto WEnor have they officially linked them to Lapsus$, the group responsible for the leak.

Journalist Matthew Keys claimed anonymous sources close to the case have stated that this arrest is related to the latest leaks, along with a previous hack on Uber. He also shared that, according to sources, this was “done in consultation with an investigation conducted by the FBI.”

Rockstar had previously come out and confirmed the leak for Grand Theft Auto WE were real but also mentioned they were illegal. Assuming the reports of this arrest are true, then this hacker could see some harsh punishments coming their way.

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