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Grand Theft Auto VI gets massive leak with early gameplay footage – Effinate Games

Another massive new leak Grand Theft Auto VI has revealed tons of early gameplay and more for Rockstar’s next flagship game.

The internet was set on fire today when a user named teapotuber hacked on GTA Forums posted a thread at midnight with links to all the leaked media.

“Here’s 90 footage/clips from GTA 6,” the leaker said. “It’s possible that I may leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 test build”

The post was made with a link to the user’s Telegram and a download link to the files. The download contains a 3.4 GB archive containing various video files that appear to show an early development version of Grand Theft Auto VI running in a debug mode.

Internet enthusiasts have been quick to link code and names from the debug footage to Rockstar employees, as well as build a map of all the real Miami locations that the footage shows in the game.

The footage is a collection of 90+ videos and reveals what the working title for the game appears to be Grand Theft Auto VI: Americas.

There’s also over an hour of various gameplay elements, such as heists, police shootouts, and nightclubs, all of which include fully scripted and voiced NPC interactions.

What do you think about all this? Have you seen the leak and do you think they are real or a very talented internet prankster having fun?

Officially, Grand Theft Auto VI is in development – ​​however, a release date and release platforms have not been confirmed.

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