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Goonya Monster gets December release date, adds Switch and PS5 ports – Effinate Games

Indie developer MUTAN has announced a release date for Goonya monster.

The three-on-one asymmetric action game launches across Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on December 4. The Switch and PS5 versions are new, and all three will support crossplay multiplayer.

Here is an overview of the game announced in May:

GOONYA MONSTER is a party game where you go crazy playing as characters designed by Terada Tera. Split up into Busters and Monsters to face each other! An absolutely absurd battle awaits you!


  • 3 minute oral matches! Busters vs Montsers – A 3 vs 1 party game with cute characters. Busters can use a unique cast weapon, while monsters can unleash powerful skills! Everyone is sure to have fun playing!
  • Terada Tera Character Design – Terada Tera’s character design faithfully recreated!
  • Buster: Master a diverse set of weapons to sway the outcome of the battle in your favor! – Lasers! Shotguns! Flamethrowers! Round off the enemies using an exciting array of weapons! Buster’s Win Condition is to defeat Undead enemies roaming the stage and collect their souls.
  • Monster: Send the pesky Busters flying with your extravagant skills! Super-sized beams to Super-size yourself! Use your ultimate “Predation” attack to defeat the Busters! Destroy all the Busters or survive until the time limit and the monster has won!
  • Play a bunch to earn a bunch of costumes! – Playing episode battles unlocks custom items! Dress up your favorite characters in crazy outfits!

Here’s a new release date trailer:

English version

Japanese version

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