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Golf With Your Friends reveals free Sports Update for September – Effinate Games

Golf with your friends, a really fun mini-golf indie, has released a new teaser for their upcoming Sports Update, due out on September 15th. Fans can expect improvements to Hockey and Dunk, as well as a new sports-themed cosmetics pack for purchase.

It will be available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. You can see some of the gameplay here, although it’s unusually short:

Golf with your friends was developed by Team17, indie developers and publishers who have consistently supported and produced a number of very smart and entertaining games such as Overcooked and Worms. They also recently announced Ship of Foolsa co-op rogueite about adventure and monsters in the sea.

Golf with your friends has hit a remarkably controlled chaos for multiplayer, where the mechanics and levels are just ridiculous enough to make for silly fun without becoming too frustrating. Overall, it’s a decent game and it really helps that the game is available on Game Pass for Xbox subscribers. It can also feel more airy than other miniature golf games.

Unfortunately, the new update is a bit underwhelming because it remains too vague even on the official one blog post. The first improvement to the Hockey and Dunk modes mentions “improvements”, which can mean almost anything.

They add that players will be able to use Powerup options for these game modes and that Hockey’s goals and floor tiles will be fixed.

The cosmetic pack will contain 5 hats, 2 rafts, 2 stickers and 1 track, and while it’s not very exciting, it’s not very expensive either. It just feels like this event is more of a safe. While the update is free, the cosmetics that tie the update together are not. Also, the fall season is a missed opportunity to add more soccer material.

You can read more about Team17, Golf with your friends and other fun indies by checking out the rest of our news section!

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