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Golf will be added in Nintendo Switch Sports’ next free update, delayed to Holiday 2022 – Effinate Games

Long before the game’s release in April, Nintendo Switch Sports fans learned that golf would join its collection of other modes post-launch. Although it was expected to arrive in a matter of weeks, Nintendo has now stated that the sport’s content update has been delayed. But it’s not all bad news for golf enthusiasts. New gameplay reveals that it comes packed with holes from previous titles and a highly competitive Survival mode. The sport will even feature massive online multiplayer matches.

As shown in September Nintendo Direct, golf is now heading to Nintendo Switch Sports as part of its next free update this holiday – but a specific date has yet to be revealed. Upon release, the sport will feature local multiplayer as well as online competitive play that supports up to eight players. The showcase also unveiled Survival Golf, an online mode that eliminates the player with the most strokes after each hole. The gameplay even features every golfer in Survival swinging their clubs simultaneously, a feature that is sure to wreak havoc on the green.

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Despite this new footage, the mode should look remarkably familiar to series fans. Golf will launch alongside 21 holes that first debuted in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. With its online component now confirmed, it’s becoming more likely that players will see golf have its own Pro League like every other sport before it. Pro Leagues has become the Nintendo Switch Sports version of a ranked mode, which allows players to improve their character in each sport to face tougher competitors. The mode also helps players unlock new pieces of sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and volleyballs. There is a solid chance that golf clubs, like drivers and putters, will soon follow suit.

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