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GoldenEye 007 online multiplayer will be exclusive to the Switch version – Effinate Games

GoldenEye 007 returns to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released in 1997, and the campaign has been a beloved classic for many players, alongside the multiplayer matches. The GoldenEye remaster was announced for Xbox Game Pass shortly after the Nintendo Direct announcement that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch. However, there is one obvious difference between the two, with online multiplayer coming to the Nintendo Switch but not the Xbox version.

The announcement for the GoldenEye remaster was shown on Xbox Wire website. Here it breaks down that GoldenEye will release to Game Pass subscribers sometime in the future. It will be available in native 16:9 resolution and up to 4K Ultra HD, with more achievements for players to earn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention online multiplayer at all.

It was later confirmed 007 website that the online multiplayer format would be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It will be included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription along with several other Nintendo 64 games such as Pokémon Stadium, Pilot Wings 64, Mario Party and several other titles. Anyone looking forward to challenging their friends to an online battle in the game will want to make sure to grab this edition.

It feels odd to make this a Nintendo Switch exclusive when the game is also coming to Xbox platforms on Game Pass. Regardless of the reasoning, don’t expect to jump into an online game for GoldenEye on Xbox consoles, but you can still enjoy the entire campaign from start to finish.

The release date for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox remasters of GoldenEye 007 has not yet been announced. These will be shared at a later date. But because GoldenEye is coming to Game Pass, anyone who is an Xbox Game Pass subscriber will have the chance to play it on the first day it’s released.

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