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Golden Eye 007 Announced for Nintendo Switch and Xbox – Effinate Games

The Golden Eye 007 remaster has been in speculation for a while now. The James Bond fan-favorite game still lives on in the hearts of fans, even after more than 20 years since its launch. This is partly because we haven’t actually gotten a decent 007 game since then.

Earlier this year, achievements for Golden Eye 007 were unlocked on Xbox, hinting that the game’s launch is imminent. It was also reported that it will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch. For those fans who have been waiting, rejoice as the game’s official announcement is here.

Golden Eye for Xbox and Switch

Finally, GoldenEye 007 will be available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. GoldenEye 007 HD, a remastered version of the classic Nintendo 64 game, will soon be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, according to a recent Nintendo Direct announcement.

Advantages of Remastering

According to Rare, there will be certain changes to the game. Some of them are obvious, including the graphics that fit into the modern games. Others focus more on gameplay elements. Even a 4-player split-screen multiplayer mode is included in the game’s remastered version, along with 4K resolution and improved frame rates. The game will be available on both Nintendo Online and Xbox Game Pass.

Following are some screenshots and details of the Golden Eye 007 remaster:

It’s been a while since an HD remake was supposed to debut on the Xbox 360 in 2008. However, a deal to ever release it was hindered by licensing and rights issues. But last year some screenshots were leaked which showed the new elements of the game along with Xbox performance which pretty much confirmed the remaster.

A few months ago, Jeff Grubb stated that the game is in limbo and he wasn’t too sure about the game’s future. Well, luckily, months later we have the official announcement.

We’re really excited about the game’s port to modern consoles because James Bond really needed a modern awesome title. And here we have it. Let’s hope that Rare has developed the game so that it feels like the legendary 97′ version of the game, but manages to look brand new at the same time.

Also, the game will support older Xbox generations and launch on Xbox Series X and S alongside Xbox One. So far we don’t have a release date, but stay tuned.

Are you looking forward to Golden Eye 007 Remaster? Have you played the original? Tell us in the comments.

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