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Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud opens up pre-registration for a large portion of players – Effinate Games

Sunborn Network has announced that advance registration for the long-awaited Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is now open to players in the West and some parts of SEA. Neural Cloud is the sequel to the legendary gacha strategy game Girls Frontline and turns the normal gameplay on its head, introducing rogue-like mechanics along with some tower defense-like gameplay.

While Girls Frontline had a relatively linear progression within missions divided into stages, Neural Cloud introduces completely randomized stages where you have to fight. Within these stages you also have random upgrades you can use to make your run a little easier as well.

To elaborate on what exactly the combat entails, Neural Cloud takes a lot of inspiration from another super popular gacha strategy RPG – Arknights. These stages will be divided into hexes and you will place your party members on parts of these hexes where they will automatically attack incoming enemies. Think of a tower defense game, but a little more 3D in this case.

Girls Frontline always had some elements of auto-battling built into it, but this new way of playing the game leads to even more strategizing than its predecessor. There are practically unlimited ways to approach these stages as they are all randomized along with the other elements which are also procedurally generated and on top of that you will be responsible for organizing your own team composition which leads to no two levels ever feel the same or stale.

Story-wise, Neural Cloud is a prequel to Girls Frontline, so for those of you who were invested in the story of it, Neural Cloud will flesh out a lot of the world’s history along with giving insight into various other parts of the lore.

Pre-registration for Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is open now depending on where you live, so if you want to get ahead of the curve and get your name down early, check it out at one of the links below! In the meantime, you can also check official website for more information, screenshots and trailers.

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