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Genshin Impact’s v3.0 is ready to launch its second phase with a bunch of new events – Effinate Games

Genshin Impact’s latest update version 3.0 – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings is already shaping up to be an excellent one with all the new features like the Sumeru region, the Dendro element, new characters and more. The first phase of the patch was full of things to do and rewards to collect, and it’s still not quite over yet as Fayz Trials just went live. But Hoyoverse has already revealed upcoming plans for the second phase of events in this update.

Like most of these stages, there are a few event wishes to keep an eye out for, and a few event quests. The first Event Wish is called Adrift in the Harbor and belongs to the event-exclusive five-star character Plenilune Gaze Ganyu. Next up is Drifting Luminescence with the five star exclusive Pearl of Wisdom Sangonomiya Kokomi. Both will also feature certain four-star characters. And finally, Wish with the weapons, Epitome Invocation will showcase Everlasting Moonglow Catalyst and Amos’ Bow.

Phase two of v3.0 in Genshin Impact will introduce two other events to participate in. One of them is Tablet Analytics, which will go live next week. In it, players will help Hajanad use Remelting Effects during battles. They will earn rewards such as Furnishing Cauldron of Herbs among other rewards. The event will be available until September 26 for players above Adventure Rank 20.

The final part of this phase is the Ley Line Overflow Event, which will be available between September 20th and 27th. Players must either complete Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation while also consuming Original Resin that can grant 2x rewards up to three times per day. That makes for another busy month for Genshin Impact players in preparation for version 3.1, the details of which should be out soon enough.

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