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Genshin Impact’s flurry of events continues with the Fayz Trials launching tomorrow – Effinate Games

It’s been a few weeks since Genshin Impacts v3.0 – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings launched. The update brought the last new Dendro item, Sumeru, the new playable area, a lot of characters and a whole horde of events. We are still only in the first phase and there is still much to look forward to. Tomorrow, September 8th, another event will go live.

Genshin Impact’s latest event is called Fayz Trials. It is more of a research-based quest, as players must use Fayz Potions and the Time Dilation mode to find weaknesses that the new enemies in Sumeru have. The event will run until September 26, and players must have an Adventure Rank of 20 or higher to participate. Rewards for completing this challenge include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Character Level-Up and Weapon Ascension Materials, Mystic Enhancement Ora and Mora.

To begin this mission, players must find Jami in Sumeru, which is near Port Ormos. After completing the required task, travelers will proceed to the Fayz Trial Facility where they will participate in the main challenge. Certain trial characters will also be available for the event, but Elemental Resonances will not.

Fayz Trials has a fairly simple goal – defeat enemies and collect Fayz Tinctures. Once enough pieces are collected, the Fayz Potion will be ready, which must be consumed to enter Time Dilation Mode. Things pause here as both your character and the opponents are unable to move. The goal now is to use the seeker to find out the enemy’s weaknesses and then unleash a Supersense Skill.

Players will have to constantly zoom in and out to find these weak points, and they’ll also need to keep an eye out for critical ones. Once eight weaknesses have been discovered, the Supersense skill will be polished and unleashed. Seven battle challenges will be available to complete, with a new one dropping every day for a week. Once they’re all done, the event is over and the rewards are unlocked.

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