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Genshin Impact update 3.1 gets September release date – Effinate Games

Publisher and developer miHoYo announced a release date for Genshin Impact’s new 3.1 update and it is set for later this month.

Genshin impact update 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” will launch on September 28 for all supported platforms.

Here’s a new trailer:

English version

Japanese version

Here is a summary of the update:

The Nation of Wisdom will soon introduce a large desert area and the stories and adventures of Sumeru will continue here. Three local characters, Nilou, Cyno and Candace, will also become playable characters! Meanwhile, Weinlesefest is ready to treat players to more stories, events, mini-games and rich rewards in the clear autumn skies of Mondstadt.

In contrast to the tropical rainforest, the harsh desert of Sumeru has a stark, dangerous beauty. In the heart of the desert stands King Deshret’s majestic mausoleum and dungeons full of puzzles, mechs and robotic guardians powered by ancient technologies from the lost god and his ancient civilization. The desert is also home to Aaru Village, the largest settlement of the desert people and a safe haven for exiled researchers and a wealth of information. As players delve into the desert region, Sumerus Archon Quest continues to unfold as more factions emerge, including two Fatui Harbingers, Il Dottore and Scaramouche.

Powered by unknown technologies, two mechanical monstrosities will debut as new Boss Enemies. The Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network is the head of the mech that guards King Deshret’s Mausoleum, and it can become invisible in battle. Another new Boss Enemy, Aeonblight Drake, will challenge players in the rainforest with distinct attack patterns.

Meanwhile, three Sumeru characters will be available to be recruited as reliable allies in players’ teams. After her debut as a dancer, Nilou will be a five-star Hydro playable character who combines her elegant dance moves with sword fighting. The trusty General Mahamatra Cyno is also ready for battle as a five-star Electro polearm wielder. He’s also a fan of Genius Invokation, a brand new trading card game not yet added with version 3.3! Candace, the half-blood descendant of King Deshret, will debut as the guardian of the Desertfolk and Aaru Village. With her Hydro Vision and a polar arm, she will be available as a four-star character in Event Wishes with Cyno and Ventis respawning in the first half of version 3.1. Nilou and Albedo’s respawn will follow in the latter half of the update. Nilou and Albedo’s respawn follows in the latter half of the update.

Far from the desert, in Mondstadt, the annual Weinlesefest will be a time to brew and taste the wine of the year with Anemo Archon. Players will have a chance to reunite with friends in Mondstadt and help Razor uncover more about his past. Weinlesefest also features a larger seasonal event and four different mini-games. Players can redeem various rewards, including a new four-star weapon, the Missive Windspear, along with its exclusive refinement materials, by achieving Party Fever through mini-games.

More challenges and rewards also await you in version 3.1. The “Wind Chaser” event will challenge participants to control the energy of the wind in a special domain. In another event, “Star-Seekers Sojourn,” you will help a young girl fulfill her wish in searching for Future Stars. Finally, you will be rewarded in Spiral Abyss if you complete Floor 4, Chamber 3, with the option to recruit Collei for free. Additionally, the daily login event is back, with up to Intertwined Fate ×10 and other things to claim. A total of Primogems ×1,600, Fragile Resin ×4, and two unique gadgets, “Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper” and “Cloud Retainers Damasked Device”, will be delivered to you via in-game mail.

To further improve the player experience, version 3.1 will include a few new features, including dynamic terrain deformation, a solution to better simulate the realistic paths on the sand. Meanwhile, more DualSenseController support will be added to enable vibration feedback when characters cast their Elemental Burst.

Genshin impact is available and free to play on Windows PC (via Epic Games Store and official website), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch. If you missed it, you can find ours Genshin impact review here (we recommend it!).

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