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Genshin Impact leak suggests Kusanali will be a support character – Effinate Games

We’ve already spent some time with Dendro Archon in the Genshin Impact Archon Quest, and like all Archons in the game, she’ll soon be playable and available for players to draw on their accounts. Archons are well-hyped characters in the game due to their immense power, and each Archon has historically changed the meta of the game in some way.

Kusanali, the Dendro Archon in the latest update, will be the next playable Archon character. There have already been leaks suggesting how Kusanali might work, and it looks like Kusanali will be a support character.

This leak comes from leaker @hxg_diluc on Twitter, who stated that “Kusanali will be a support in C0.” While the details of this leak are pretty vague, this suggests that Kusanali will potentially have DPS potential at higher constellations. Older 5-star Support characters like Kazuha and Raiden Shogun also have huge DPS capabilities at higher constellations, so Kusanali can follow suit.

Archon characters historically serve as support characters, with Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden Shogun serving as supports. It is unknown what kind of support role Kusanali will fill as there are several roles such as shield, healer or battery that Kusanali can fill. More likely, Kusanali will buff Dendro characters’ Elemental Mastery, since most Dendro characters rely on Elemental Mastery for their damage.

Regardless, Kusanali will likely be a strong character, as most Archon characters traditionally are. We will keep you updated with the latest Kusanali news as it comes.

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