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Genshin Impact Dori voice actors revealed – Effinate Games

Voice actors for the upcoming playable Sumeru character, Dori, were revealed in the latest Genshin Impact official announcement!

Along with the debut of Teyvat’s Sumeru region in Genshin Impact version 3.0, a whole new cast of fascinating characters is ready for their appearance. As with any new character, Genshin Impact also welcomes exceptional voice actors to bring its characters to life.

Fans have expressed great excitement about Genshin Impact Dori since the leak of the Sumeru character appeared online. Dori is known to have a personality both unexpected and elusive. As a result, fans are curious to what extent her voice artist will be able to bring her character to life.

Recently, Genshin Impact has officially revealed the English and Japanese voice artists for Dori. Voice actress Anjali Kunapaneni will provide Dori’s English voice, while voice actress Tomoko Kaneda will provide Dori’s Japanese voice. Listen to the English and Japanese voice line recording of Dori on official Genshin Impact website!

Anjali Kunapaneni is an American voice actor and writer, best known for providing the voice for the English version of several anime characters, including Karin from Fena: Pirate Princess, Danika from Pokemon Journeys, and Fuku from Demon Slayer Season 2, to name a few. Now they will provide the English voice for the long-awaited Sumeru character Dori.

Tomoko Kaneda is a Japanese voice actor and radio personality. Among her notable works as a Japanese voice actress were voicing anime characters such as young Boa Sandersonia in One Piece (2009), Naho from Naruto Shippuden, Chiyo Mihama in Azu, and others.

Aside from the voice acting of Dori, Genshin Impact fans are excited to see what gameplay experience she will bring as well as her role in the following story. In any case, fans can look forward to further details on Dori being revealed when she becomes available in the later stage of Genshin Impact 3.0

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