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Genfanad, the satirical MMORPG, sets a release date for PC version with mobile edition due out soon after – Effinate Games

Indie MMORPG Genfanad has finally got a release date; On September 27th it will launch for PC with a mobile release planned soon after! Unveiled a few months ago, the project will take players to a whimsical high-fantasy world full of 4th wall-breaking meta humor along with actual engaging content that you can pursue with your friends!

At a glance alone, you can immediately see that Genfanad takes a lot of inspiration from the legendary Runescape in both visuals and gameplay. With a 3D blocky art style and a quasi-top-down view, along with the setting of a fantastic magical world, there are a lot of things that Genfanad used as a basis for his design from the world of Runescape.

However, it is fully conscious. See, Genfanad is meant to be a parody of games like Runescape, The Witcherand even Lord of the Rings. It’s meant to bring you into a world that knows it exists within high fantasy tropes and pokes fun at that fact at every turn. This isn’t a gritty dark fantasy world full of lore, but is self-aware and makes fun of itself instead.

So while that gives it a kind of frivolous vibe, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some really engaging content here. Still at its core, Genfanad is a fantasy MMORPG, and involves all the mechanics that come with it, such as dungeon-crawling, sword-and-board combat, massive dragon bosses, and more.

Apart from this, there is also a completely different part of the game that allows you to play it quite peacefully. You can play the markets, farm and grow crops and focus on life skill gameplay instead of hunting big scary monsters if you want. Whichever path you take, you can do it all with your friends too!

Currently, there is no pre-registration available for Genfanad, but the mobile release has been confirmed and will launch shortly after the release date at the end of September. In the meantime, you can follow along official website or Twitter for more updates!

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