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Garden Tails: Match and Grow, a brand new match-3 puzzler with customisation elements, launches onto Apple Arcade – Effinate Games

Courtesy of the legendary Zynga games and developer Playdots Inc., a brand new match-3 puzzle game called Garden Tails: Match and Grow has been released on Apple Arcade. This sweet little puzzle game sees you grow a garden full of adorable animal companions as you match your way through different levels, restore flower fields and create your own slice of heaven.

The largest portion of Garden Tails will be spent on restoring dilapidated pieces of land that have fallen apart due to neglect. They’ll be grey, lifeless and listless until you tackle them yourself, where you’ll fill them up again with beautiful flowers and plants as well as the fluffy little creatures.

These creatures also play a bigger role as they actually talk! They become your close friends when you talk to them and help them with the various tasks they will assign you. Of course, all of these tasks will mainly be tackling a bunch of match-3 levels where you have to meet a score requirement to succeed. If you can do it, you will not only restore your beautiful garden, but also make all your friends happy.

Another part of the game will be collecting all the plants, flowers and endemic life you can find. There is a massive checklist that ranges from baby deer to bunnies all the way to roses, sunflowers and even butterflies! It’s all wrapped up in an adorable looking package with an animated art style that really just warms your heart.

If you’re a fan of match-3 games, or just need a good pick-me-up that’s sure to cheer you up, Garden Tails has your back. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can do so inside Apple Arcade. As is typically the case, there’s no word yet on whether the game will launch to regular App Store users, but it could make its way to the normal storefront after it first hits Arcade.

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