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Games With Gold lineup for October 2022 announced – Effinate Games

Microsoft has announced Xbox Games With Gold lineup for October 2022.

Here is the new game with gold lineup:

Windbound – available from 1st to 31st October

Washed up on an unknown island, you must use your will and skills to survive! Play as Kara, castaway on the Forbidden Isles with nothing but what you can build or find. You will need to craft weapons and tools to survive. Spend time building a new boat that you can use in an immersive tactile sailing experience to reach the other islands. Explore the hidden history of each island to unlock their mysteries. Enjoy this delightfully surprising game that takes the survival genre in a whole new direction.

Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition – available from October 16th to November 15th

Listen for flyers! We are recruiting you to take on extremely high-risk missions in this WWII strategic flying and bombing game. Once you’re up in the air, danger is everywhere. It’s up to you to manage fuel, ammo and hydraulics while trying to avoid enemy gunners. Even the weather can bring you down. Keep your crew safe and focused and bring home the victory. Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition includes the original Bomber crew plus Secret weapons and USAF DLC so there’s plenty of flying.

The September 2022 Games With Gold series is still available if you’re a subscriber – read more about it here in our previous report.

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