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Furry vore inflation platformer Tribal Hunter gets a limited edition plushie – Effinate Games

Hey hey people, Melonsoda Soft has formed teams with Pawprint Press to create an officially licensed plush for their newly released furry vore inflation platforms, Tribal hunter.

Munch is the dragon-like main character in Tribal hunter, and now he’s the inspiration for Pawprint Press’s biggest plush to date. This Munch plushie is about 40cm tall and with a massively full belly and has plenty of cushion for snuggling and absolutely nothing else. Munch’s hood and scarf are also removable.

The officially licensed Munch plushie is available for $54.99 and is part of a limited run through the Pawprint Press website. Only 16% of stock remains at the time of writing, with no word yet on whether there will be another run when these sell out.

Please note that Pawprint Press is a furry merch site. I take no responsibility for any gay muscle wolf men and/or tiger boy body pillows you see when you click on this link.

Tribal hunter is available on Windows PC via GOO and Steam.

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