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Fulqrum Publishing delays Men of War II to 2023 – Effinate Games

Men from the war II, an upcoming World War II real-time strategy sequel to the 2009 hit, has just been pushed back from its 2022 release. Developed by Ukrainian studio Best Way, Men from the war II should now be expected sometime in 2023, without a new and definite release date.

However, Fulqrum Publishing also softened the blow by adding a new trailer. Here’s the full trailer and statement from their official Twitter feed:

While Warriors series has had plenty of sequels since 2009, this new title is a direct sequel that raises expectations for a single player campaign with effective storytelling and believable combat. The original Warriors received much praise for its story, although the dialogue was a bit stiff.

The campaigns are truly the signature of the series and help them stand out among the countless real-time war games. Other newcomers such as The Great War: The Western Frontwhich just revealed its first trailer last week, tend to struggle to find the approach or mechanic that will set them apart.

Straight up war titles require a strong hook to be compelling, and Warriors is one of the few reliable series in that regard. You can check out Men of War II first reveal trailer for an idea of ​​the gameplay:

The creatives behind the game have noted several reasons for the delay Men from the war II. According to a long blog post, they have stated that they intend to “accommodate new features and content”. That’s a big surprise since most delays are needed to simply polish existing systems or graphics.

Also, Men from the war II the developers Best Way were based in Severodonetsk, which meant they were directly affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. The studio has consistently built well-developed games with extensive mechanics that can compete with the best AAA titles, so they deserve all the support and time they need.

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