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Fortnite Rainbow Royale returns with new Pride cosmetics, Dreamer outfit – Effinate Games

Pride month may have passed, but that’s not stopping Fortnite from celebrating the LGBTQIA+ crowd. Rainbow Royale returns to the competitive shooter with a bunch of Pride-ful cosmetics and a new DC superhero.

As advertised on Fortnite blog, Rainbow Royale begins at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on August 31st. Players will fly onto the island aboard a rainbow-covered battle bus as part of the event. They can also visit Rainbow Crossroads in creative mode with code 0487-8528-5944. Rainbow Crossroads is a casual space where players can relax, pose and take pictures in the “Fortography Studio”.

You can also compete in mini-games like go-kart racing to collect Rainbow Style points; these can then be used on new paths and Pride-themed titles. Rainbow Crossroads also has its own series of quests, and completing them earns you more cosmetics like the Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe. Finally, the island has some easter eggs referencing Dreamer, the new DC superhero joining the game.

Dreamer also fits right in with the Rainbow Royale celebration — she was TV’s first transgender superhero when she debuted in Super girl. She will be coming to the Fortnite store in the future, but those who participate in the Dreamer Cup will have a chance to unlock her outfit early. The contest begins on September 6, and anyone who has two-factor authentication enabled and has reached level 50 is eligible to participate. Those who place well in the Zero Build squads tournament will unlock the Dreamer outfit before it hits the store.

Speaking of which, there’s more than just Shadow of Phantasm weapons to get your hands on this week. More Pride items will be available in the Fortnite store when Rainbow Royale begins. Dip emote, Every Heart emoticon, Prismatic Keepsakes spray, Say It Proud lobby track, Mazy and the Echoes loading screen and Rainbow Royale 2021 loading screen are all on the menu. Even better, they will all be available for free.

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