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Fortnite leaks tease Spider-Gwen skin and more for Season 4 – Effinate Games

Fortnite fans have gotten a look at some of the upcoming Battle Pass cosmetics to expect in Season 4, including various outstretched arms from characters like Gwen Stacy. These should be available in the season 4 battle pass.

The new season is slated to release on September 18, 2022, giving fans an entire Sunday to dive into. Here’s the teaser for Gwen Stacy from popular Fortnite enthusiast @ShiinaBR:

Fans quickly noticed that Gwen’s hand has a different costume than her appearance in Into the spider-verse. So at first it may seem like an original costume, or even an attempt to simply make it more obvious who is being teased. However, the costume actually matches Gwen’s upcoming look Across the Spider-Versewhich will not be published until June 2, 2023.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse widely regarded as a masterpiece, cleverly retelling Spider-Man’s origins with a clear understanding of the character. That includes everything that makes Miles Morales tick.

Aside from the heart, humor, and annoying sacrifices and consequences that are fundamental to the character, the visuals were truly special.

Some sharp-eyed fans noticed a hint of cel-shadowing near Gwen’s palm, reinforcing that the new costume could match her on-screen appearance in Sony’s long-awaited sequel. Gwen Stacy has been a fan favorite character and so far this seems to be the inciting incident for Across the Spider-Verse.

The Spider-Man IP continues to be wildly popular these days. Especially with the re-release of No way homeand the highly acclaimed remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which ultimately also got a Miles Morales spinoff. So fans are sure to eat up any new cosmetics in Spidey’s world.

@ShiinaBR found a few other images to review on Twitter, each getting a breakdown and generating hype from players:

Finally, they also revealed a skin that should be in the season 4 battle pass and is expected to be revealed in the final teaser:

You can read more about Fortnite’s latest updates and leaks by checking our news section!

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