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Fortnite leak teases “Phantom Ammo” and Self-Destruct – Effinate Games

Popular Fortnite cool @HYPEX has found a new Phantom Ammo type as well as a vehicle self-destruct mechanism, leading to a lot of fan speculation. Here’s the original tweet from @HYPEX, including their own theories:

Phantom Ammo certainly sounds like a Halloween themed update. Many games are already committing to the spooky season, and Fortnite have already indicated they will join the movement after announcing their mysterious Red Claw crew pack, which has a shady and dangerous appeal:

Most fans have suggested that both the new Phantom Ammo and Self-Destruct mechanism will involve the new upcoming Mech that has been teased for a while. At the very least, Self-Destruct would certainly make sense for a mechanic, as many games in the genre have a similar mechanic as seen in Titan fall series.

However, Phantom Ammo has a more flexible sound. Some responses quickly related the new ammo type to an existing Ghost Pistol. The Ghost Pistol was released for Save the World in 2018’s “Fortnitemares” update. Although it had a low rate of fire, its ammunition could travel through obstacles and enemies.

As such, it would be very appropriate to return the gun with some Phantom Ammo. But this would also be redundant, making it more likely to arrive in a new way. It could potentially be a bit overpowered for a mech to use, given their stats.

But there is an open door for new modes and more to help balance this new ammo type. Popular answers indicated that Phantom Ammo could be reserved for a unique weapon that simply gives you traditional ammo by eliminating phantoms or ghosts.

While the mech’s self-destruct ability sounds like a more permanent addition, Phantom Ammo is definitely just a fun way to celebrate this year’s Fortnitemares. You can read more about Fortnite’s latest updates and leaks by checking out the rest of our news section!

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