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Fortnite leak reveals Uncharted-themed Glider – Effinate Games

New leaks to Fortnite has given fans a first look at the upcoming glider based on the hit action franchise Uncharted. The decrypted glider is called Sully’s “new” seaplane and will be released in Chapter 3, Season 3. For a look at the gameplay, check out the leak from reliable source @ShiinaBR:

For those unfamiliar, the glider is a reference to Sully, a mentor, partner and friend of protagonist Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Sully is probably best known for his witty remarks, so the amusing name and tagline that accompanies the new cosmetics is a good fit.

In one of the strangest casting decisions in some time, Sully was played by Mark Wahlberg in the film adaptation. The game probably found new mainstream audiences thanks to the movie, but it remained rather divisive for fans. Wahlberg would have been a better fit for Drake (minus Nathan Fillion’s fanmade short of course) and Tom Holland didn’t seem like a good fit either.

Anyway, the fourth installment of Uncharted is still considered one of the best action-adventure games of all time, with great characterization, and some of the elaborate chase sequences are still absolutely terrifying. There are very few games that can successfully sustain nine straight minutes of escalating action without losing a sense of tension.

The new cosmetics look great, with just the right balance of deliberate ugliness, cheapness, and fine details that will make it both amusing and fun to play. Also, parachuting straight into a fight is definitely a Nathan Drake entrance.

Responses to the glider have been quite positive, with some asking for its return and the addition of even more Uncharted cosmetics.

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