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Fortnite kicks off Reboot Rally, offering Renegade Flame cosmetics for new and returning players – Effinate Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is here, bringing new Chrome locations and more to the island. However, Epic Games didn’t stop after the big weekend change: we also have a new event to pick up on this week.

As advertised on The Fortnite Blog, Epic Games has kicked off the Reboot Rally, an event aimed at helping newcomers and bringing back lapsed players. Playing with new and returning players is how you complete a set of challenges and that means you earn points. You get the Barb-BQ mood icon when you reach 50 points, the Freshly Forged wrapper at 100, the Red Hot Revenge hack at 150, and the Fiery Descent glider at 200.

There is a full FAQ in the blog post on who is eligible during this event, as teaming up with eligible players is the only way for veterans to get the goodies. A special tab in the lobby will help you find such players if there are none on your own friends list. The Reboot Rally runs for two weeks, from now until Tuesday, October 3 at 9:00 AM ET / 6:00 AM PT.

While the “reboot” in Reboot Rally refers to lapsed players returning to Fortnite, the game itself got another update with the aforementioned Chapter 3 Season 4. The season brings a new set of POIs and locations to explore, with plenty of NPCs to also find around the map. Season 4 even lets you hire some of these characters to fight alongside you. You can command them into advantageous positions during a firefight or simply follow you, adding a new layer of tactics to Fortnite’s meta.

A new season also means a new battle pass with plenty of bonuses, including the long-awaited Spider-Gwen skin. If you need a little boost to your battle pass, we can help you complete all Week 1 Seasonal Challenges.

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