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Fortnite is hosting the Let Them Know questline to reward players with lots of XP as the FIFA World Cup kicks off – Effinate Games

Fortnite’s latest update left Save the World Campaign players a little crazy because they really geeked out on the battle pass XP that could be accumulated in the PvE mode. And as the season, nay chapter, ends with the Fortnite Fracture event, it’s time for anyone who still needs to complete the Season 4: Paradise Battle pass and get all the Super Styles.

To help, Epic Games has launched a Let Them Know questline that includes a bunch of tasks that give XP for completing the battle pass in time. ONE new website has been created where players must log in to receive all the tasks. The event will remain live until November 27.

Each day a new challenge will go live and players will only have 24 hours to complete that particular task and then it’s gone. Earning a point on any day will grant the Trophy Time Emoticon, and the point milestones will reward 50,000 XP. If players manage to complete the points milestone on day seven, they will earn any unearned rewards along with them.

So if you’re not particularly in the mood to do a bunch of challenges, completing the last one should be enough. Note that these tasks can only be completed in Solo, Duos, Trios and Squad modes for Battle Royale and Zero Build. No Team Rumble either, unfortunately.

In addition to this, the Item Shop is also offering the Let Them Known clothing and accessories now to celebrate 2022 FIFA World Cup. Instead of going the standard football costume way, the set has ten outfits that can be fully customized using different patterns and colors to create an extremely personalized skin for you.

Additional accessories include Top Trophy Back Bling, Fan Fervor Emote, World Class Pickaxe and now Trophy Time Emoticon. To top it off, some additional soccer-themed quests will also reward players with Go for the Goal Spray.

Download Fortnite now from official website or play with XCloud and start finishing your match pass.

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