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Fortnite is celebrating C3S4: Paradise’s launch with the Reboot Rally – Effinate Games

With the release of Fortnite’s latest season, Paradise, many players will return to the game to try out all the new features like the mysterious Chrome substance, Evochrome Guns, and maybe use the saved Vbucks to buy the new battle pass that includes Spider-Gwen.

For all the returning players or newcomers who want to experience Fortnite’s Chapter 3: Season 4 for the first time, Epic Games is hosting a new Reboot Rally event. It’s a questline that will only be available to players who have played less than two hours of Fortnite in the last month or are completely new to the game. The event runs until 3 October.

But that doesn’t mean active players who have played a lot of Fortnite in the last 30 days can’t win these rewards. Since the Reboot Rally consists of group-based challenges, active players must team up with returning players and vice versa if everyone wants to win prizes.

In the friends list, players will be shown who they can participate with based on which category (active/recurring) they fall into. An entire team, or even more in the larger team modes, can participate together. In addition, friends can also join the party by showing them a QR code from the event official website.

Once the team is set, everyone will be tasked with completing several Reboot Rally Quests and bonus objectives. These include simple quests like completing daily challenges with qualified participants, earning XP and more. Completing these quests earns points which can be redeemed for a host of rewards.

All Reboot Rally rewards will be part of the Renegade Flame set, which includes the following items that can be won by earning points:

  • 50 points – Barb-BQ Emoticon
  • 100 points – New Forged Wrap
  • 150 points – Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe
  • 200 points – Fiery Descent Glider

Gather your friends and enter the island now by downloading Fortnite for free from official website or play with XCloud.

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