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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 titled Paradise, allegedly features a chrome goo that ‘consumes everything’ – Effinate Games

There has been a whole lot of speculation in the Fortnite community about a strange goo that players have recently seen on the island. Well, after a series of revealing leaks, it looks like this goo will play a central – and possibly villainous – role in the upcoming Chapter 3 Season 4. Although the game’s developer has yet to mention this substance, it has now confirmed the season’s name and date of publication.

Friday afternoon, Telegram user FortniteNews published what it claims to be three Chapter 3 Season 4 teaser videos said to be within currently scheduled tweets from Fortnite’s official account. Each video features real people advertising products until a liquid suddenly turns them into chrome. The user then went on to share three other allegedly unpublished tweets: one with a “Fortnite Paradise” logo, another with “Chrome will consume everything, Chrome will be #FortniteParadise” and the last simply saying “Consume everything.”

via iFireMonkey’s Twitter account

In response, Epic Games is developing rapidly published a webpage on its website showing the leaked logo and a September 18th launch date underneath. Despite the comforting name, Paradise isn’t exactly shaping up to be as whimsical as current season Vibin’. First, those who visit the new site will be greeted by nothing but creepy theme music. And with the season likely to run throughout October, this horrific Chrome talk might just be the catalyst it needs to get things going confirmed Fortnitmare’s Halloween Event.

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Players may be days away from experiencing a new season, but that doesn’t stop Battle Royale from hosting some last-second events. Those who drop onto the island will now find that the Primal Flame Bow and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun have been released for the ongoing Fire with Fire Wild Week. The week even includes a set of XP-filled challenges revolving around the returned items.

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