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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 cinematic debuts Chrome locations, a new villain, and a Brie Larson cameo – Effinate Games

Fortnite has officially been taken over by Chrome. In a new cinematic trailer for Chapter 3, Season 4, footage shows the game’s Battle Royale island being sprinkled with the substance, giving players the power to turn into a blob and pass through objects. Chrome isn’t the only thing being introduced, as Brie Larson now joins Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a leading member of The Seven faction, seemingly tasked with taking down an ominous villain.

After months of speculation, the Chapter 3 Season 4 trailer has now been confirmed Captain Marvel star Brie Larson as the Paradigm. The character is shown escaping what is known only as Chrome as it consumes other notable faces such as The Scientist and The Origin. Its arrival is clearly not a coincidence. The closing moments reveal the new antagonist The Herald behind this attack, a character similar to the island’s Reality Tree.

Chrome isn’t just for visual appeal either. The seasons blog post has detailed players that can “Chrome-ify” themselves, ultimately turning them into Blobs that are immune to damage. This ability can even be applied to structures, allowing players to walk through them at any time. The liquid has also resulted in Chrome locations and EvoChrome weapons. For example, the trailer reveals a new, all-Chrome POI known as the Herald’s Sanctum. Meanwhile, players can now find EvoChrome weapons throughout the island – weapons that are said to increase in rarity with each elimination they achieve.

via Fortnite’s YouTube channel

Of course, like every season before it, Chapter 3 Season 4 ropes several new skins into its Combat pass function. This includes the previously leaked Spider-Gwen, a Slurp-themed bear named “Grriz” and Paradigm himself. Those who unlock Paradigm will have the ability to not only change the protagonist’s helmet, but it can even be removed to play Larson’s character model. Players can experience the new season and its Battle Pass offer from September 18th to December 4th.

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