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Forspoken gameplay shows fast-paced spells, skill trees, and a magical grappling hook – Effinate Games

The Prophecy is set to be one of the first major games of 2023 as it will teleport protagonist Frey to a mysterious magical world at the end of January. Thanks to a new preview from PlayStation, we have a better idea of ​​how its magic combat works.

That PlayStation Blog has the preview, complete with gameplay GIFs that demonstrate what we’re going for with Forspoken’s fast-paced combat. The battles are all about speed – or slowing down and catching the enemy in some cases. In the first gameplay clip, Frey creates a ring of fire that traps a large alligator-like enemy in close proximity and lets her slash away with her magical blade while the beast is unable to land enough for a charge attack.

The second clip shows her slinging little purple arrows at some deer. We get a glimpse of two types of these spells: a burst shot that deals damage in a small area on contact, and a scatter shot that fires quickly at close range. These purple spells can also have a secondary effect of binding the enemy in place. Frey fires them quickly on his own, but they are also tools to reduce enemy speed.

The third gameplay clip shows the game’s skill tree with a fisheye curvature to the menu. The cursor doesn’t dwell on any skill for too long, but we still get a look at a few different spells. There is a basic shot which presumably can branch into the burst and scatter we saw before. There is also a spell called Blade, which summons the sword Frey used to fight the first enemy inside the ring of fire. The third is a ranged spear attack called Blast Slice, which explodes with damage on impact. Finally, Drag and Drop can grab enemies and pull them closer to Frey.

Similarly, the blog post ends with information about Frey’s zip ability. This lets her slow down time and run towards the enemy, but it can also be used as a sort of grappling hook outside of combat. The final GIF shows Frey locking onto a point and throwing himself onto a cliff. Speed ​​seems to play into both the exploration and combat systems of Foresaw.

We’ll be able to try out all these tricks when the game comes to PlayStation 5 and PC next year: The Prophecy’s release date is January 24, 2023. The game was previously delayed to that date in January so the team could focus on ” final polishing phase.”

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