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First Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay supposedly leaks, reveals combat, map, female protagonist, and more – Effinate Games

What was thought to be just a dream is slowly becoming a reality. An internet user has just released alleged content from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, and a debate has begun to rage over whether this leak is real or fake. Although not real, the content is so well made that fans would be very impressed with the skills of whoever made these videos. Let’s talk about what this leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay showed in these videos.

Suspected leak shows female protagonist and barebones gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 6

A few hours ago, an internet user who goes by the name “teapotuberhacker” started a thread on a GTA forum and called it “GTA 6 (America) Leak – 90+ .mp4 footage/videos.” In the first post, the user states that they got their hands on 90 clips showing gameplay from the in-development GTA 6 running on PS4 and PC hardware.

They later explain that they found this footage in a Slack workspace, along with the game’s source code, which they also continue to leak in various posts.

Assuming this is real, the information found is very important in figuring out what the new Grand Theft Auto will be about. The first news, which was already stated by Rockstar, is that GTA 6’s protagonist will be female. Her name appears to be Lucia and she will pair up with a male character called Jason.

The map and location of the future GTA 6 appears to be Vice City, as the gameplay shows various locations in the city with “Vice City” written on trams, subways and buildings. There will also be a new area called Port Gellhorn which will be added to everyone’s favorite town.

When it comes to gameplay, some of the things that could be noted were that you can crawl and crawl in this one, switch the gun between your hands and pick up weapons from the floor.

Rockstar and Take Two have yet to comment on the leak, but the majority seem to agree that these leaks are either real or the result of a lot of work by the hacker.

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