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Fire Emblem Engage showcases gameplay in new Engaging with Emblems trailer – Effinate Games

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest tactical RPG entry in the Fire Emblem series. In this game, players will command a cast of skilled characters, known as units, and lead them to victory. Its gameplay will be similar to previous entries in the series, with the addition of Emblem Rings that allow units to fight alongside lords from previous Fire Emblem games.

Recently, Nintendo released a new Fire Emblem Engage trailer detailing the mechanics of the game and how to use the Emblem rings. Watch the trailer for Fire Emblem -Engaging with Emblems, courtesy of Nintendo’s official YouTube channel:

In Fire Emblem Engage, battles can be enhanced by using rings that contain the power of emblems. When equipped with emblem rings, units sync with emblems, increasing their strength and giving them access to unique talents. There will be a significant difference between out of sync and sync with emblems while facing the same enemy.

By engaging emblems and fusing them with units, battles can be enhanced in a further way. During combat, players will be able to use unique weapons and talents that offer specific powers to units. Additionally, players will be able to unleash devastating engaging attacks to crush opponents. Meanwhile, the activation status only lasts three turns, but the meter fills up as players advance in the match. Once recharged, players will be ready to engage again. Therefore, keep an eye on the meter and adjust the strategy accordingly.

The teaser also revealed returning characters from previous Fire Emblem games. Sigurd (Emblem of the Holy War), Celica (Emblem of Echoes), Corrin (Emblem of the Fates), Byleth (Emblem of the Academy), and Lightning (Emblem of Blazing) is among the Emblem heroes revealed in the teaser. In addition to the emblems themselves, Fire Emblem engage introduces several new faces and personalities, all of which are able to equip the emblem rings.

Fire Emblem engage will only be available on January 20th on Nintendo Switch. Digital pre-orders are available now Nintendo eShop.

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