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Final Fantasy XVI next trailer and possible release date coming in October – Effinate Games

Square Enix will likely share the next trailer and details for Final Fantasy XVI next month, news teased at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

While Square Enix had a bunch of other announcements at the annual show, they didn’t show anything from their next flagship RPG. Producer Naoki Yoshida said however, they can make a blowout in October.

“I’m thinking maybe in the next month or so we can get the next trailer out,” Yoshida said. “And then in the next month or so, we’ll be able to talk about, ‘when will it be on sale?’ I hope to be able to talk about when it comes out…”

Final Fantasy XVI received the “Future Division” award from the Japan Game Awards 2022, which was held during the Tokyo Game Show. Yoshida was there to accept the award on behalf of his team.

The producer also talked about the progress of the development of the big new RPG.

“We are in the final stages of development,” Yoshida said. “Of course there are sections that have gone through the ‘drill house’, but especially in the sound department, all the VFX are probably finished and we have to add sound, but there is so much sound that I had problems the day before yesterday. The sound crew said, ‘That’s enough!’ I’ve already gotten there.”

Yoshida noted that he has played through Final Fantasy XVI completely, and actively provides feedback to the entire team.

“My playthrough is completed to the end and they respond to the feedback. I feel like I’ve achieved the concept of a rollercoaster… a gaming experience that combines action and story, where once you start the game, you can’t stop until the end,” he said.

Yoshida added, “Because we have focused so much on action this time, we spent a lot of money preparing a huge number of mechanisms so that people who are not good at action can play the game. I really want people, who are not so good at it, try it and experience how easy and cool it is to handle the main character, Clive.”

Final Fantasy XVI will launch sometime in the summer of 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

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