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Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider’s Season 4: Feast of the Golden Saucer is now live – Effinate Games

After a long wait, Square Enix and Ateam Entertainment have finally announced the launch of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s Season 4 – Feast of the Golden Saucer. It is inspired by the amusement park in Old Corel of the same name. The update will include several new POIs on the map, a brand new season pass, a new character style, items and rewards.

Midgar’s Undercity map will feature two new areas in FFVII The First Soldier’s latest season. Sector 5 Station and West Desolate Area have been replaced by GS Battle Square and Wonder Square. While these areas have the glittering beauty of the golden plate, a threat lurks around every corner. In Battle Square, players will encounter plenty of powerful monsters, while Wonder Square is a little less intimidating with smack-a-boxes full of valuable goodies. But monsters can be here too, so watch out!

Even the Planetside map gets an upgrade and becomes bigger after the addition of new locations such as the Industrial Area, Plate Interior, Military Base, Mako Substation. The Research Facility and the Space and Aviation Facility. As the region has grown in size, the maximum number of players has also been increased to 75 from 60.

Combat also gets interesting in Feast of the Golden Saucer with the addition of the Trickster style. Just as its name suggests, this character can trick enemies by making copies of itself, teleport to another location when shot down, and even tiptoe to sneak up on enemies and attack them. Its special feature allows players to gain Gil as they level up, with 540 Gil waiting for the final level.

Two new weapons also grace Battle Royale. Gil Toss Machine Gun uses Gil ammo boost and Chimeric Vengeance, a three bullet assault rifle. In addition, there is also a new Tornado Materia, sports car and a new collection with Cait Sith. All other fixes and improvements can be found in the official patch notes.

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