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FIFA 23’s Hybrid SBC rewards will be untradable, to fans’ dismay – Effinate Games

Squad Build Challenges have become a staple of FUT in the FIFA games in recent years, but the arrival of 2022 changes things in a way that upsets some fans. Starting SBCs in FIFA 23 have rewards, but they cannot be exchanged with other players.

First, some context. Squad Build Challenges quest players to build a squad that meets certain requirements. By doing so, they earn rewards in the form of packs filled with cards. One of the best ways to increase your FUT coin stash in previous FIFA games was to complete the starting SBCs. These are generally relatively cheap and gave great packs that contained players you could either upgrade your team with or sell. If you were lucky, you could bankroll yourself with quite a bit of early cash, and most could at least build a small nest egg to help get started. FIFA 23 has changed all that by making starter SBC rewards untradeable, meaning you can no longer sell these cards to other players. Unsurprisingly, the players are not happy.

Visiting Reddit, one can see a flood of complaints about this change. When GeorgeCuz has written news of non-tradable rewards, the thread quickly turned into lamenting the loss of “coin farming”. Able_Ad_8596 asks if it’s even “still worth it to do high-end SBCs,” with some respondents saying they’ll pull out of the mode altogether until things settle down. Losing this easy way to get early coins stinks of EA Sports trying to push players to buy FIFA Points with real world cash. It’s a worrying trend that’s only gotten worse over the past few years, making this another blow to the guts for players who want to build their teams through gameplay and not empty their bank accounts.

They will also soon be missing the FIFA name. The series will be rebranded as EA Sports FC by 2023’s game as the publisher’s long-standing deal with FIFA ends. The branding may be changing, but EA promises to keep the same modes available: Ultimate Team, Career, Pro Clubs and Volta.

While some things are lost, others are gained. FIFA 23 will include coach Ted Lasso from the Apple TV+ series of the same name. AFC Richmond football club and Nelson Road stadium are also part of the deal.

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