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Farm-sim game Homestead Arcana announced for Xbox Series X/S and PC – Effinate Games

Homestead Arcana is an upcoming third-person exploration farming simulation game where you play as a farming witch on corrupt land. From Serenity Forge and skybound games, Homestead Arcana is coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam.

The official announcement trailer shows what players can expect from the game regarding the world, the evil that threatens it, and what you can expect as Billie, a witch farmer on a quest to save the world.

Homestead Arcana is a single player game where you play as a peasant witch and pioneer living on land that has been mysteriously destroyed with Miasma. It’s up to you to discover the secret behind its appearance, develop plans that will help improve your spells, and use nature’s magic to help heal the land.

While playing as Billie, you will build your very own farm from scratch. You’ll have the opportunity to discover new plants and tend your ever-growing garden while helping to heal the earth. In this game you make the land and everything around you your own.

To remove the corruption from the land, you must venture into the Miasma and uncover its secrets. But within this warped realm, dangerous and disfigured creatures roam free. As you explore, you may discover new and powerful plants and spells that you can use to grow your garden.

Explore the Miasma to find new recipes, seeds and knowledge as your garden grows. You’ll need to harness your strengths to craft spells and prepare for the many challenges ahead to defeat Miasma with your familiar cat, Huckleberry.

The game’s official price and release date have yet to be revealed.

Venture into corrupt lands to uncover the plants, spells and mysteries of the Miasma in Homestead Arcana. Be sure to check out our latest news section for more great content!

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