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Fans have discovered a glitch to playing Halo Infinite in split-screen co-op – Effinate Games

In the latest monthly update for Halo Infinite, it was announced that the split-screen co-op support for the game was canceled by 343 Industries. Regarding this cancellation, the studio said: “To improve and accelerate the ongoing development of live services and to better accommodate player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op.” But now fans have found out to exploit a bug to access this mode.

Splitscreen co-op is considered a staple of the Halo series and also one of the reasons why the series has achieved universal popularity in gaming and wider pop culture. After being let down by the developers, fans of the series took matters into their own hands and discovered a bug that would help them access the split-screen co-op section of Halo Infinite. The process of this bug was explained via a tweet by Halo Creation, a French Halo community focused on fan creations. Right now the bug is still working for Xbox Series X and S. They credited the discovery of this bug to @Zeny_IC.

In order to play split screen co-op, an Xbox Series X or S and a friend who is online in the menus are required. After that, the player must enter the campaign and load a save. While the game is loading, the player must quickly go to the friends list and join the online friend. Afterwards, they can leave the Fireteam and create a custom offline server. Finally, they will need to connect their other controllers and profiles to start playing split-screen co-op. According to @HaloCreation, split-screen co-op in Halo Infinite for up to 4 players works like previous games in the series.

343 Industries has yet to issue any official statement regarding this bug. Halo Infinite is getting its biggest update on November 8th, which will include a number of new features, maps, weapons and more.

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