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Fall Guys Season 3 sees beans heading underwater, squaring off with the Kraken – Effinate Games

It’s Christmas come early for Fall Guys fans as the game’s third free-to-play season is almost here. As expected, the new season looks to mix things up again, taking the unfortunate beans out of orbit and sending them to the bottom of the ocean instead. There are plenty of new challenges and rewards to check out under the sea, but players must watch out for crumbling ruins and the deadly Kraken.

Fall Guys Season 3: Sunken Secrets arrives on November 22 and adds five new rounds to play, ranging from Blastlantis, where beans must navigate an ancient obstacle course while being pelted with Blast Balls, to Hoop Chute, which sees players slide down a fly path and aim after hoops to score points, to the Kraken Slam, where the Kraken raises its tentacles to try and drag any unsuspecting bean into a watery game. Players can also watch new Time Attack Shows, including Time Attack Trials, which will run every weekend of the season.

All that effort is nothing if the rewards aren’t worth it, and the team at Mediatonic has created a new season pass for fans to earn new cosmetics. There are more than 100 unique levels to tackle, with paying players able to access costumes themed like SpongeBob SquarePants, Skyrim’s Dovahkiin and Ultraman. Additional costume variants can also be won by completing all-new Marathon Challenges.

The new season starts with a special event to also get players into the new rounds. The “Let’s Get Kraken” event kicks off with the season on November 22 and will have its own reward path where players can win prizes like name tags, nicknames and wearables. All of this also comes along with various bug fixes and several minor features that will be rolled out as the season progresses – although there’s no telling if Mediatonic is making any changes to Fall Guys’ SBMM systems.

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