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Fall Guys Season 2: Satellite Scramble takes your beans to space, will have major sci-fi collabs – Effinate Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been an even bigger hit since going free-to-play, and now its second season of content is fast approaching. Season 2: Satellite Scramble starts on September 15th. Here’s what to expect on Thursday.

First off, Fall Guys will have a slew of space-themed rounds. Tiptoe Finale is a race for the crown across a series of crumbling blocks, and falling means “tumbling into the cosmos,” according to developer Mediatonic. Starchart is a difficult spacewalk with an invisible path connecting several floating platforms. Fortunately, you can step on buttons to reveal the right path forward.

Pixel Painters tasks you with stepping on lighted blocks to match a picture, while Cosmic Highway is an obstacle course with floating rings. Hyperdrive Heroes is like an inverse of Jump Club: instead of jumping over a rotating beam, you’re on a hoverboard that moves in a circle through various obstacles. Finally, Hex-a-Terrestrial, Space Race, and Frantic Factory are reskinned versions of Hex-a-Gone, Gauntlet, and Button Bashers, respectively. You can see screenshots of all eight new rounds on the Fall Guys website.

These rounds will of course have new obstacles, so be on the lookout for “Ion Thrusters, Hover Platforms, and Trolleybots.” As always, if you can endure the new games, you will be able to earn prizes. Rewards for the launch event, titled Satellite Explorers, include a Space Bean nickname (200 Points), 200 Kudos (300 Points), Satellite Explorer Nameplate (500 Points), Space Icons Pattern (800 Points) and Satellite Backpack (1000 Points).

Speaking of cosmetics, Satellite Scramble will also feature a collection of new costumes. Hatsune Miku already leaked, along with Star Trek‘s Spock and Alien‘s Xenomorph. However, it is nice to have a confirmation. Mediatonic released the promo image that you see below, showing off the sci-fi collab costumes and some of the other outfits that will be included in Season 2. They join Sonic the Hedgehog and WWE Superstars Asuka, Xavier Woods, and Undertaker.

Image via Mediatonic

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